Be Ready Community Development Corporation

Be Ready CDC is a multifaceted Faith-Based 501(C) 3 community service organization. We provide housing, youth services, employment services, food and clothing programs and economic development initiatives. Volunteer opportunities are available as well. 

Mission Statement:

To develop programs and services to revitalize local communities by providing housing, education, social services, recreation, and economic development.


Be Ready Community Development Corporation (BRCDC) provides services to improve the quality of life for low-moderate persons. This is done by empowering them with recreational, educational, financial, social and economic development opportunities and programs. The goals for our clients are to uplift, prepare and finally lead to self -sufficiency in obtaining increased success in their particular endeavors.

Who We Serve:

BRCDC serves at risk youths and their families, primarily throughout New Castle County Delaware, the City of Wilmington, with a large proportion from the Hilltop area of Wilmington.

We also serve men and women re-entering from prison.

Current Programs:

BLOC Academy- Youth Training and activities to build teen leaders

Lazarus House-Transitional Housing for Men

Esther’s Place - Transitional Housing for Women & Children

Solomon’s Court - 18 affordable and accessible 1 & 2 bedroom apartments and commercial space for small businesses. Includes small business training.

Praise Summer Camp – Free summer activities for youth

STREAM Program (Coming Soon)  - program to provide Science, Technology, Reading, Etiquette, Arts and Math to youth.